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  • HAPPY KITE School. Relaxing and calming will be there with you, exclusively in Quiberon, during our paddle yoga, yoga sessions on the beach and massage at home. Limited places! ...
  • At Zome des Dauphins in Quiberon, Nelly and Pascal offer Essene and Quantitative care - The Two Point Method. The Zome is an energetically high place for physical, emotional and ...
  • More than half a century after its creation by Louison Bobet, the Institute Thalassa Quiberon remains the mecca of thalassotherapy, but not only ... Its holistic approach to well-being ...
  • Vanessa Desmarthon, life coach and teacher of traditional Indian Yoga. Include your life coach in your daily life: Release of your physical and psychosomatic pain, emotional and ...
  • Come relax, de-stress with Ayurveda, the science of Indian life. Practitioner and consultant in traditional Indian medicine, I suggest you body, energy treatments to improve your ...
  • We are an association of Quiberon. We offer sessions to the sound of Tibetan bowls, Chinese gongs and many other instruments. Our sound massage sessions are based on a practice ...
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