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Tourism & Handicap

In order to provide advice and an improved welcome for visitors to Quiberon, the Tourist Office has embarked on the process obtaining the classification " Tourism and Handicap"   

Our ACTION for disability


- The development of a reception area accessible to all.

- The provision of a magnetic induction loop

- The creation of a welcome booklet in large typeface

- The training of reception teams in sign language

- The creation of accessible route apps for Iphone

- Improving accessibility to this website

- The team is trained to practice the signs language.

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The classification

The classification "Tourisme & Hnadicap" is a response to the request of persons with disabilities. Once obtained, the label provides the guarantee of an efficient and responsive treatment of the needs of persons with disabilities.

The Tourist Office is certified since June 2013 for the mentally disabled and hearing disabilities. In April 2014, he obtained the label for motor impairment.
Our next goal is to obtain the label for the visually impaired. Anti-glare and non homologated M1 fire blinds have been installed to reduce the brightness and glare but we still need to make further improvement before reformulate our certification application.




The Municipality also has three seats for the launching of the disabled:

- Great beach bar The Fisher's club,
- Emergency Position Porigo,
- Home Goviro camping.

Their provision is free (the chair of the disabled person serves as a "guarantor") for the half day.




Did you know? The 114 is an emergency number for people with difficulty hearing or speaking.
This is a free number for the deaf, hard of hearing, aphasia, dysphasia.
To contact via SMS or fax the emergency services: SAMU : 15, Police :17, Firemen :18. 

More info:

To contact the Multi-Services-Emergency service: send an SMS to 114.

If your loved ones are concerned, tell them!

Offers available in Morbihan for disability

Download here:

- Lists of sites in Morbihan labelled “Tourism and Handicap”

- Guide to accessible recreation and leisure activities in Morbihan

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