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Car parks in Quiberon

Park in the guarded car parks during your day out to the islands.


Outside these zones, parking is limited to three days on the territory of Quiberon.


To facilitate parking during the annual off-season closure of the car park and private car park at the semaphore, the car parks of Butoir and la RĂ©sistance will not be limited to 4 hours - an extended period will apply.


>>> Download plan of car parks


For camper vans, parking is allowed during the day, except from July 1 to August 31 from 7 am to midnight except coastal routes (boulevards Côte Sauvage, Hoëdic, Houat, quai de l'océan, Belle-ile, boulevard Chanard René Cassin, du Goviro, Goulvars, Conguel, laTeignouse, Emigrés, Place Port-Haliguen, quai des Sinagots, Castero boulevard, boulevard du Parco). In town, please leave access steps and chocks in order to be considered a parked vehicle and not as a resident. A camper van parking area is provided on rue du port Kerné on the Côte Sauvage.


le SĂ©maphore car park - 1100 spots - Guarded 24/24

Route de Kernavest - at the entrance to Quiberon

Tel: +33 (0)2 97 30 59 45 -

Open all year long. Paid parking from March 25 to October 2

Fenced and guarded car park. The Semaphore will look after your vehicle during your visits or trips to the islands. A free shuttle bus drops you off at the ferry terminal in Port Maria and takes you back on your return. The ferry terminal shuttle runs every 10 to 20 minutes and is available upon presentation of your ticket. Payment is made upon recovery of your vehicle.




4 hours4.80 € + 0.30 € every 15 minutes72 hours
32.00 €
6 hours7.20 € + 0.30 € every 15 minutes4 days37.00 €
9.75 hours11.70 € + 0.30 € every 15 minutes5 days41.00 €
9.75 to 12 hours0.20 € every 15 minutes6 days45.00 €
24 hours
13.70 €7 days49.00 €
36 hours16.00 €8 days51.50 €
48 hours21.00 €9 to 44 days+2.50 € / extra day
60 hours26.00 €46 to 60 days160.00 €
Coach 1 day24.00 €61 days & more220.00 €
Coach 1/2 day12.00 €Camper van
30% more than the car price

Kerné car park - 300 spots

Route de Kerniscob - Quiberon

Tel: +33 (0)6 86 62 69 18 -

Reservation advised.

Free shuttle to the pier for the islands. Wintering for boats, caravans, etc.

Open from 20 March to 20 September.

Prices: consult

Sizorn car park

36 rue de Port Maria - Quiberon

Tel: +33 (0)2 97 50 06 71

Reservation advised. Open from April to September, autumn half term and during the Christmas holidays.

hotel de la Mer car park

8 quai de Houat - Quiberon

Tel: +33 (0)2 97 50 09 05 -

No reservations. Open all year long. Reopening from 15 December on request.

Visiting Quiberon without a car

Search routes, maps, schedules, timetables and traffic conditions at or the mobile App on

Consider also the famous "Tire Bouchon" which connects the railway to with Quiberon in July and August. Tickets on sale at the Tourist Office in season. Outside this period, check with your nearest railway station or the SNCF website or on 3635 (in France).


Throughout the year, except July and August at Auray station, the buses of line 1 (Long Distance Transport of Morbihan) link to the ferry at Port Maria.

For more information visit this site.


For getting around Quiberon, use the Quib'Bus! This mini-bus serves the different districts of Quiberon in July and August for only 1 € per day!

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