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Au choeur de l'Expo Le Caravage au Cinéma

Monday 25 Mar
Phone 02 97 50 17 20
Address 4 rue du Phare 56170 Quiberon
At the heart of the exhibition, it's an unprecedented experience in France! Frédéric Taddeï takes you to visit the exhibition Caravaggio in Rome, friends and enemies. Tables like you've never seen them before and as you dream to see them, in close-up and in HD, explained by the best specialists: art historians, artists, surprise guests, who for an hour and a half answer questions and allow us to understand, step by step, the mysteries of their creation. Want to know how a person like Caravaggio, as sulphurous, as bitter, did to revolutionize the history of painting? See you on March 25 in your cinema. You will be with Frédéric Taddeï in the heart of the exhibition!
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