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Conférence "Les champs magnétiques dans la maison"

Tuesday 11 Dec
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Address 6 rue Jules Ferry Maison des Associations 56170 Quiberon
Magnetic fields in the houses, conference of Thierry Gautier, December 11, 2018, at the house of associations. 14:30 Thierry GAUTIER, author of the book 100 solutions to avoid electromagnetic waves at Ouest-France, will talk about mobile phones, microwave ovens, LED lighting, wifi, computers, boxes, high-voltage lines ... The conference will give everyone a better understanding of the radiation of many devices in everyday life, their influences on health and ways to preserve themselves. Geobiologist, Thierry GAUTIER is the author of several books on the theme of habitat and health (100 solutions to avoid electromagnetic waves (West-France edition), Electromagnetic waves in everyday life, live with (West-France edition), Well-being and healthy home (West-France edition), The habitat guide without harm to health (Green Consciousness), Your home is it harmful? (Green Consciousness).
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