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Concert avec le tribute to "The Queen"

Thursday 23 Aug
Address Esplanade Hoche 56170 Quiberon
A tribute to the group The Queen More than the work of imitation or even caricature advocated by some, KIND OF QUEEN is committed to the path (.. and voice) of intensity, the nuance, grandeur and energy in studio and on stage by QUEEN. This group more than mythical, which is the second largest seller of albums behind the Beatles (!), Has been gaining for more than 20 years now known hits of all. From WE WILL ROCK YOU to WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS through ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST, THE SHOW MUST GO ON or the majestic BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, the 5 talented KIND OF QUEEN musicians will make you relive the (KIND OF) magic and the beauty of a Freddie Mercury band concert with a personal touch and above all a communicative enthusiasm! Offered by Quiberon Casino
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