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La chorale Traversière et la chorale Kanerion an Oriant

Friday 19 Oct
Address Eglise de Quiberon 56170 Quiberon
The Traversière Choir, an artistic association of the Cheminots de Paris, with a varied repertoire from here and elsewhere, and the Kanerion an Oriant Choir, a Breton polyphonic choir from the Pays de Lorient, offer a concert, with a varied repertoire from yesterday to today. from here and elsewhere at the Notre-Dame de Locmaria church at 8pm. Free participation (costs and donation to the victims of the explosion of Quiberon and repair stained glass). . Created in 1962, the Traversière Choir, a member of the UAICF, Union Artistique et Intellectuelle des Cheminots Français, Paris Sud-Est, is directed since 1966 by Patrick Le Mault. It brings together about forty amateur choristers, railway workers or from other professional backgrounds. The repertoire is very eclectic: variety, songs of the Renaissance, sacred music, gospel, foreign folk songs, in many languages. The Choir Traversière regularly gives concerts in Île-de-France and in the provinces, and abroad, in an Ephemeral Choir (Estonia in 2016 and Austria in 2018) as part of the European gatherings of FISAIC, International Federation of Societies artistic and intellectual railwaymen. The UAICF, Union Artistique et Intellectuelle des Cheminots Français, federates all the cultural associations of the SNCF. The choral singing brings together about twenty ensembles in France that will meet on October 20, 2018 in a public concert at 8 pm at the Quiberon SNCF holiday village on the occasion of the national festival of railway choirs. The choir Kanerion an Oriant, founded in 1978 by a group of activists of the Breton culture, participates in the promotion of the culture and the Breton language by the practice of polyphonic choral singing, traditional or contemporary, mainly coming from Brittany and the countries Celtic. The fifty or so singers who compose it are mainly from the Pays de Lorient (Quéven, Lanester and Lorient). Choral conductor Diane Régnier conducts Kanerion an Oriant, which plays its part in Brittany's musical and choral landscape. He took part in the creation of many works by Alan Stivell (Celtic Symphony), René Abjean (War Var of Ar Mor, Ar mar'h dall), Christian Desbordes (Celtic Passion), Shawn Davey (Pilgrim), Jean-Yves Le Ven (Pinijenn by Gradlon wheel, Izild a Vreizh) and a modernized repertoire harmonizing traditional songs or poems. With Ereden e Bro Gwened (Wedding in Pays Vannes). The choir won its first Brittany Choral Champion title in 2009, performed at the Festival Interceltique in Lorient and travels abroad. Affiliated with the Federation of Choirs in Breton Kanomp Breizh, in Emglev Bro Oriant, he participated in Breizh A Gan and Deiziou. He won second place in the Brittany choir contest at Landerneau in July 2018.
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