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Conférence "Glaciologie, pôle nord contre pôle sud"

Tuesday 15 May
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Address Rue Jules Ferry Maison des Associations 56170 Quiberon
Glaciology: north pole versus south pole. Conference of Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 2:30 pm at the House of Associations, presented by Daphne Boiron. Glaciologists are concerned with determining the main characteristics of glacial surfaces. From a physical point of view, the glacial mass balance and the mechanical behavior of the ice material are the key points of current research. On the chemical level, interactions between ice, soil and air are studied in order to better understand the evolution of the ice. A large proportion of the ice samples are taken from ice cores. Glaciology is also at the center of paleoclimatology, the ice of the ice sheets behaving like true archives of the temperature and atmosphere conditions during the Quaternary period. Glaciological studies have been fundamental in demonstrating the links between average global temperature and atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases. Glaciology is therefore a major discipline in the understanding of the climate system.
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