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Conférence "Aromatologie"

Tuesday 20 Mar
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Address Rue Jules Ferry Maison des Associations 56170 Quiberon
Aromatology is the knowledge (from the Greek logos) of flavors and their use for non-exclusively therapeutic welfare purposes.This approach is more holistic and closer to a more holistic dimension. use of aromas for therapeutic purposes ... to be treated with essential oils Source IPAL (Provencal institute of aromatology of Lubéron) The essential oils considered by the Alchemists to be the soul of plants find their places today in cosmetics, some therapists and massage oils. Apart from their therapeutic aspects, essential oils can be used in your cosmetic creams, as well as in cosmetic creams. your shampoo, in your bath, in your culinary preparations. You can create yourself your own organic perfume, your organic perfume BIO, your oil for the body. You will be tempted to aromatize your vegetable oils, your honey, etc ... With a little knowledge and know how and especially what not to do ... How to store essential oils, how to use them, what dosage, how to diffuse them, know how to recognize them, what is a Chemotype, take care of their biochemical powers ...
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