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Historical masterpieces

56170 Quiberon
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Many witnesses objects from the past, have been discovered in Quiberon. Here are some examples of the most remarkable: Four large blades polished jadeite axes, rock originating in the Italian Alps, Neolithic, were found on a bay side beach. There are 6500 years, these axes were buried vertically in pairs at the foot of a rocky outcrop. Museum of Prehistory of Carnac. Dolmen Conguel is a Neolithic tomb once covered by a cairn. It contained ceramics are distinguished by their shape and decoration lines deeply incised into the clay with a stick. They gave the name of Conguel all similar pottery that were found later. National Archaeological Museum, St Germain en Laye. Gallo-Roman stele was found on a funeral chest near a kiosk (small chapel) near the village of Kerné. It certainly represents a Gallic god. Heritage House Quiberon. Dagger Kernavest. This object, unique in France, was discovered near a tomb shaped stone chest and date of the Iron Age. It has a sheath made of sheet bronze richly decorated with geometric motifs, the wooden handle having him not resisted time. Museum of History and Archaeology of Vannes. The barrel of Thracia was found on the wreck of the English merchant ship. Sailing from Spain to Scotland, it was sunk off the lighthouse Birvideaux by a submarine during the First World War. Heritage House Quiberon. A shoe diver was found among the remains of the Artiglio which sank in 1930 while trying to make a wreck off the island of Houat explode. The sole weighted with lead weighs 5 pounds. Heritage House Quiberon.
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