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Enjoy Quiberon all year long

All year long, Quiberon is a lively resort with its shops, its thalassotherapy and its beaches
 A varied entertainment program is available throughout the seasons. For nature lovers, Quiberon is the place to be, with its open skies, sheltered beaches, wide horizons and endless ocean.


Spring time and the awakening of nature

The wild coastQuiberon is bathed in a beautiful light with tints of grey-mauve or blue-green (Breton has only one word “glaz” for blue and green). The famous breton word "glaz" has the power to unite the colors of changing lights, the sky and the sea. In spring, the palette of lights and colors is breathtaking
 The prickly gorse opens in a palette of yellows. Heathers flowering on the green grass of the heathlands surround the tower of Locmaria while plovers, wheatears, gull chicks and their parents wheel and call. The beaches come alive with the laughter of the season’s first bathers and the spring tides reveals plenty to fill the beach gatherer’s buckets. Quiberon Bay is a paradise for sailors and sea lovers, the skyline is filled with sails and boarders enjoy the shoreline waves.

What’s the weather like in Quiberon?

The climate is mild in the spring, the expression "it's sunny several times a day" can also be used in the spring but beware the first sunburn might surprise you! 


Summer: the ocean’s shimmering surface

Quiberon dazzles in the summer! The ocean’s shimmering surface, the golden sand, the granite’s mica twinkle, our lively events...What will be be your favourite this summer? This summer, bask on the warm granite rocks while fishing, choose beautiful and tasty products on the big bustling market taking place every Saturday in Quiberon
Take the famous Tire-Bouche Line from Auray, enjoy a sunrise at the forefront of Conguel or enjoy the sunset on the Wild Coast. Discover Quiberon from the inside and learn the incredible traditional dances during the famous fest-noz taking place every Mondays. Enjoy the summer concerts every Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Discover a different beach every day - there are 19 in Quiberon –you can choose between quiet coves on the bay side or the animated long beach.

What’s the weather like in Quiberon?

Summers are really mild, at sea or on beaches, the wind is fickle in the area. Don’t forget to protect yourself and your children from the sun ... and if it does rain, take the opportunity to discover our shops, the quay of flavors... don’t worry it never lasts very long!


Autumn: a beautiful location, a mild climate!

QuiberonIn autumn, the peninsula becomes a geography lesson in itself. A narrow 14 km strip of land, joined to the mainland by an isthmus, it belongs equally to sea and to continent, embraced by the gentle spindrifts of an exceptional climate. You will probably hear all about an island microclimate, of the beneficial effects of the Gulf Stream

The year’s last warm breezes create the perfect setting for swims in the sea and long walks along the quiet, calm bay. Time seems to stand still at this point in the year, perfect for discovering the tranquility of the nearby islands, Belle-Ile, Houat and HoĂ«dic.

What’s the weather like in Quiberon?

Mild weather again and again, Quiberon has a temperate climate, there are no extremes of climate in Brittany.

Winter : twixt drumbeat and lullaby

With the crashing roar of the waves and the strong winds of the Cîte Sauvage, the landscape is soon white with flying spray. A setting as natural as it is fantastical, perfect for filling your lungs with tangy sea air direct from the ocean! A outing to refresh both body and mind, creating a great appetite for a well-deserved and delicious high tea in one of Quiberon’s cottages that huddle together as if seeking protection from the wind.

What ‘s the weather like in Quiberon?

The winter weather is mild, it rarely freezes or snows o see the frost! During winter times, storms attract many spectators.

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