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Basket of delights

The gourmet specialties of Quiberon, savory and sweet: Discover the flavors and know-how of Quiberon.

Savory specialties

Seafood and fresh fish

Ideally located, Quiberon offers continuously a wide range of sea products. To the delight of your taste buds, you will find these seafood flavors every day on the fish market, in our fishery and of course in our restaurants



The sardine have been fished for centuries in the waters of Quiberon Bay. The 19th century saw the invention of the canning process by Nicolas Appert and the first fried food shops. The first cannery opened in 1782 by Charles Edelin, brought in a large labour force to can the sardines. The arrival of the railway in 1882 meant the product could be distributed all over the country. The sardines disappeared from the coast for a few years, reappearing in 1909. New canneries opened and prospered. In 1956, Quiberon became the busiest sardine port in France with 13 canneries. Only two remain today, offering a high quality product and genuinely creative ideas.

The sardine is a fish with delicate and tasty flesh and it is proved to be excellent for health because it is rich in omega-3, vitamins and trace elements. From spring to November, freshly caught sardines are canned by our craft enterprises. Canning is always done by hand to avoid damaging the fragile fish. Sardines but also mackerel, tuna and other seafood are also prepared to make spreadable products for tasty appetizers.


Discover our craft canning

The Belle Iloise

The Quiberonnaise

The history of the Belle Iloise cannery is the history of the Hilliet family, who have earned their living from the sea for generations. The great-grand-father of the current Managing Director fished from a rowing boat. In the early years of the 20th century his grandparents opened a fish shop in Quiberon. Their son Georges saw the opening of the cannery as a logical step forward. In 1932, at the age of 22, he opened his cannery not far from Port Maria. Its proximity to the harbour was a sign of quality, taking the fresh fish landed by the boats. Today, The Belle Iloise factory is located on the Plein West Zone site.

Born in 1921, the Quiberonnaise cannery, located in Port Maria prepares in the same way its sardines in olive or peanut oil, spices, lemon or white wine… Albacore tuna in brine or oil, fish soup, creams for aperitif, mackerel fillets in white wine complete the range of this great home canning.

Buckwheat pancakes

Rich in protein and minerals, low in fat and gluten free buckwheat flour is a very healthy product today in the form of the famous black wheat pancakes. You can enjoy your “galette” dry or with butter, you can also generously top your “galette” with infinite combinations. Our advice: although it appears only rarely on the menu, you can complete your meal with a butter sugar pancake.

Sweet specialties

The Breton Pancake

Wheat pancake is eaten at all hours, as a snack for children and often end complete a Buckwheat pancakes meal. It comes in many sweet fillings without forgetting the delicious caramel and salted butter cream filling.

Kouign Aman

Butter features large place in the region’s cuisine. Breton beurre is highly regarded in the culinary world, and often comes flavoured with the local sea salt. This Kouing Amann is a gooey cake with salted butter. In breton, Kouign Aman literally means butter cake! Warm, it is delicious! You will find it in all the bakeries in Quiberon like “Riguidel house” whose reputation is second to none.



At the Court of Orgères, jams are always prepared with the best fresh fruits from the market. Cooked in a cauldron in small quantities, jams “Court of Orgères” are prepared in the traditional way to preserve the flavors of the fruit.



Great chocolate and Caramélier, Henri Le Roux selects the highest quality cocoa beans and the best couverture chocolates for his subtle garnished creations. Chocolate Le Roux has created more than 80 creations: chocolates filled with praline ganduja, marzipan or ganache many different fragrances and flavors: herbal infusions or spices, tea or coffee, alcohol or species fruits, not forgetting the famous CBS ® "Salted Butter Caramel."

The "Niniches"

The award-winning House Armorine from Quiberon won the award "best candy in France", these rocks called “Niniches” are made from sugar cane and glucose, fresh butter and sea salt.  Rocks are available in more than 50 fragrances based on chocolates or fruits.

Gourmet tours

In the industrial area of Quiberon, discover these four hangouts "historical and greedy". Allow yourself to soak up the atmosphere of each company with tasting and sale of products.

In the Quiberon commercial estate, four fascinating places to visit with permanent exhibitions telling the story of each of the four companies with tasting and sale of products.

 Conserverie La Belle Iloise Maison Lucas, fumaison de poissons


Maison Lucas

Confiserie la Maison d'Armorine

La Cour d'Orgères, confiturier

 Maison d'Armorine

 Cour d'Orgères

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